Three-dimensional imaging for precise structural control of Si quantum dot networks for all-Si solar cells
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Effect of reduced dimensionallity on the optical band gap of SrTiO3
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Electron microscopy of biological materials at the nanometer scale
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Electron microscopic imaging of an ion beam mixed SiO2/Si interface correlated with photo- and cathoduluminescence
H.-J. Fitting, L. Fitting Kourkoutis, B. Schmidt, B. Liedke, E. V. Ivanova, M. V. Zamoryanskaya, V. A. Pustovarov, A. F. Zatsepin
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Atomic-resolution spectroscopic imaging of ensembles of nanocatalyst particles across the life of a fuel cell
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Pulsed laser annealing of thin films of self-assembled nanocrystals
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Epitaxial oxygen getter for a Brownmillerite phase transformation in manganite films
J. D. Ferguson, Y. Kim, L. Fitting Kourkoutis, A. Vodnick, A. R. Woll, D. A. Muller, J. D. Brock
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Controlled synthesis of uniform cobalt phosphide hyperbranched nanocrystals using tri-n-octylphosphine oxide as a phosphorus source
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Atomic-resolution spectroscopic imaging of oxide interfaces
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