2021 PARADIM Summer School

Advances in electron microscopy have opened an era of atomic resolution imaging and spectroscopy of materials and devices. Recent developments in novel imaging and detector modes, atomic-resolution spectroscopy and picometer precision imaging  even at cryogenic  sample temperatures are now a crucial part of the materials design loop, extending the reach of electron microscopy.

From June 13-18, 2021 PARADIM will host the 2nd Summer School on Electron Microscopy. The School will cover 2D and 4D imaging in the scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM), and will explore fundamental and practical aspects of aberration correction, electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS), spectroscopic mapping, cryogenic STEM and imaging using pixelated detectors. The Summer School is divided into morning lectures and afternoon hands-on labs on state-of-the-art STEMs as well as on simulation and analysis software.

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Join us at the 2021 PARADIM Summer School on Electron Microscopy